ganderHR is an asynchronous video
recruitment platform that helps you
find the right people faster

Mobile Friendly, no Apps required

Digitally structured hiring ensures fair and scalable interview process. Standardized questions let hiring managers cut down on costs and speed up hiring times by allowing candidates to complete early-stage screening interviews on their own time.


Our structured interview experience allows your team to ask the right questions every time, have clarity of evaluation criteria and a consistent process.


Coordinating an interview between people with busy schedules is challenging. We allow candidates to record answers on their own time, anywhere in the world.


Video interviews give the candidates an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the pack by highlighting their experience and personality.


Automation of the screening process allows an unlimited number of interview sessions to be done simultaneously and helps you to reach a wider pool.

Improve the quality of candidates

invited for an in-person interview



Create a job and define interview questions. Review applicant pool and select potential hires


Review candidates’ videos on your own time and see the real people behind the resume


Use automated customized communications feature for candidate follow-up


ganderHR is a women-owned (W/MBE Certificate) company. We were born from the desire to shift candidate screening, viewed as time wasted, to unique and engaging candidate experience. Our platform allows you to be set apart as an innovative company with an accessible and efficient recruitment process respectful of both parties’ time and effort.


To create a better way of conducting job interviews not only for Small Businesses but for many job seekers to maximize their employment opportunities


To create a better way of conducting job interviews not only for Small Businesses but for many job seekers to maximize their employment opportunities


To be relevant; Respect and Honesty to our colleagues, customers, and consumers. Accessibility, Resilience, Dignity, Efficiency.


Straight forward, honest pricing – no software fees or contracts.

A lot of businesses have been adversely affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. To do our small part in supporting our friends and neighbors in the business community we are currently offering our product FREE of charge.


Like what we do here? Come join our team!

We hire the kind of people you want to work with: those who are big thinkers, passionate, compassionate, always curious, imaginative, collaborative, never satisfied, and ambitious. We believe in employing a diverse workforce with the widest array of experiences so when we share ideas—whether across the room or across borders—sparks fly and innovation happens.

The Difference Is You

We hire people seeking to make a difference in people’s lives. Our ability to attract, select, and invest in the best talent enables us to deliver on our brand promise. We know when our employees apply the best of themselves and their talents to their work, individual growth and performance follows.

At ganderHR, we maximize our impact with powerful, wise employee engagement to build an environment where people can thrive, foster a sense of community, and perform their best. Want to help us make a difference? Let’s talk. Join our talent community and we’ll send you job alerts that match your interests and skills.

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