You should add it to your Morning Routine

I start every morning by listening to one of the subscribed podcasts. Today I chose HRB Ideacast – “Adapting Negotiations to a Remote World” with Leigh Thompson, who shared a few insights. Leigh Thompson, professor at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, studies negotiations to understand the path to the “sweet spot” where all sides…
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COVID-19 Resources for Business

Updated list for the last week of April 2020

To be a small business owner now is a tremendous task, you worry about everything, your people, resources, finances, statuses of many applications that you filled for grants and loans. Lost revenue. Thankfully many organizations cut prices, some even offer their services for free.   A little self-promotion here  I will start this list…
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Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Finally, COVID-19 resource help list that you need

Have you seen the latest trend on social media, people are sick with COVID-19 jokes, advisories, news updates and want to flood it with land and seascapes?  I wish this flood were with resources that would help people, business owners, and Nonprofit organizations to survive. Some years ago, I was part of the CORO leadership…
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You need this if you use Zoom for remote collaboration!

I had to do this immediately, so should you.  Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, more and more people are working from home using video-capable software for real-time team collaboration. This one is for Zoom users. First, change the background to the options available to you, by going to the settings on the right…
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Tips on Leading Remote Collaboration

Every day now, we hear about businesses moving toward remote workforce or shutting down shops. Many are reinventing their business strategy and accepting the fact that it is possible to make many things virtual. A very good friend of mine switched from “in-person” personal training to video sessions; another is buying back inventory from stores…
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